Can I really reduce my accent and how long will it take?

Most people will never sound like a native born English speaker. However, with focused training you will make noticeable changes to your current speech. These changes will allow Americans to understand you much more easily!

The techniques that you learn in our programs will make communicating in American English more efficient and enjoyable for you and for your listeners.

In order to make significant changes with your accent, you must practice consistently. All of my programs provide you with plenty of customized practice exercises that you can use to do this.

How are your programs different than others?

While I teach you very specific and proven accent reduction techniques in all of my programs, I understand that your ultimate goal is clear and professional communication. That’s why we keep the focus on YOU and your GOALS in my programs.

Beyond the drill and practice, I tell you HOW you sound to Americans. I teach you HOW you can present yourself and your ideas in a manner that is clear and very engaging.

How often do I need to practice?

Short daily practice is ideal for busy people. Short daily practice sessions will help your mouth and tongue develop the new ‘muscle memory’ that they need for you to articulate American English sounds and patterns correctly.

This will be uncomfortable for you at first, however…

The more you practice the more you’ll improve. You simply must practice a sound or pattern over and over for it to become a habit.

What kind of people do you work with in your programs?

I primarily work with science, technology and engineering professionals working in infrastructure, consulting, sales, product development and project management.

My programs are also very popular with medical professionals, research scientists, MBA students and university faculty members.

I’m just starting to work on my accent. Which program is best for me?

If you’re just beginning to work on your communication skills, it’s best to begin with an accent assessment. When you take your assessment I carefully analyze your current speech and create a written assessment and oral report that explains your most critical accent and pronunciation problems.  I provide recommended resources that you can use for self study and practice.

How do the Skype coaching sessions work?

Skype video is used for all accent reduction coaching sessions. I meet you once a week one hour. During your Skype sessions I teach you specific techniques for speaking English more clearly.  This includes the specialized vocabulary that you use in your job or area of research.

All sessions are fully recorded for you to listen to and review.

Personal coaching is the best choice for motivated professionals with immediate and long term communication goals.

What are your qualifications?

Our American Accent specialist, Susan Ryan, been involved in English language training since 1990. Since 2007 her focus has been on accent and pronunciation training for high level professionals. She was one of the first people to offer full accent reduction coaching programs online. You can go to the About section on this page to learn more about her experience and credentials.

I’m still not sure your programs are right for me?

If you have any questions or concerns, send us a message using the contact form on this site. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our programs. If you’ve not done so, check out our Confident Voice blog to learn excellent, proven accent reduction tips and techniques.

Contact us when you are ready to take your communication skills to the next level.